Dominating SERPs with additional ranking

May 15th, 2014 — 8:56am

I have been experimenting recently with ranking a Facebook page, YouTube video, and more, for keywords that I am targeting. This allows me to completely control the search results, rather than just ranking your website, you’ve also got multiple other positions that your prospects can click on. No longer are you simply an option out of many, you are completely controlling the results, if done right, they can’t even see any competitors.

One example I’ve seen for this is for SEO Northampton, there is a Facebook page and a website ranking. The same sites also rank well for seo northamptonshire, although the search volume for that keyword is significantly lower.

Facebook pages are quite easy to rank. Below is an example of how a FB page looks in 2014:


The important parts are the page name, username/url, and the page description. You need to make sure you are targeting the keywords within these areas, as the example we showed earlier did.

The next important part is the backlinks. There are many types of backlinks that can be effective, such as:

  • Web 2.0 blogs
  • Links from authority blog articles
  • Social bookmarks
  • Article directories

I’ll go a bit more in-depth in another post with how to actually build these links, but that’s a whole series of posts really, can’t do that in half a post or even a single post. There is a lot of information to cover.

So what do you think of creating additional properties and ranking them for your keywords? It’s a killer way of controlling the SERPs and not too much extra work. Let me know if you have had success with this in the past, or have seen other people doing it.

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Panda’s and Penguin’s yo

September 26th, 2013 — 1:51pm

Haha, stupid post title, just having some fun.

Google are constantly bringing out new updates, Panda, Penguin, Penguin 2.0, and several others you’ll know of if you have been in the game long.

I wanted to write this post about shitting on penguin, panda and all those crappy updates.

Apologies to Google because they provide a great search engine and work their ass off to keep it in check, but they seem to be failing miserably now and it’s becoming a pain in the ass for someone that does SEO.

So I’ve turned a bit to the dark side recently…


Why should I be working my ass off building fantastic websites and strong links, only to get hit by a dumb penalty while the spammers are still going strong.

Sorry this is turning into a bit of a rant.

But basically… If you can’t beat them, join them.

I’m not going to persuade you to do blackhat SEO, or grey hat seo, or even whitehat seo, I like to do all 3.

But here’s some tips for future proofing your website from the next updates we’re likely to see…

  • Use social media and get plenty of social links to your website, I believe this will be a big factor in the future
  • Don’t over-optimise your anchor text, if you’re optimising for one keyword, you only need to use it less than 10% of the time
  • Stay off public blog networks, they’re getting hit hard now
  • Don’t use any spam tools on your website, if you want to spam for rankings, do it on a YouTube video or something that isn’t important (plus YouTube ranks so well now)
  • Add great content to your website rather than thin or over-optimised

And there’s a whole lot more where that came from. They are just the main 5 points I believe are important to follow now.

Sorry again about my rant, I just want to punch the stupid penguin for penalising great sites and not spammy ones, lol.


More interesting posts to come :)

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The Best Ways To Advertise Your Website

September 19th, 2013 — 1:56am

Do you ever launch a website or spend months building something only to feel like…

need traffic

It sucks doesn’t it?

Well here’s my tips to advertising your website, new or old.

Social Media

Listen to anyone that knows marketing well in 2013 and social media comes up. One of my favourite “gurus” that talks on the subject is Gary Vaynerchuk. Have a look at what he has achieved with WineLibrary and then VaynerMedia and you’ll be amazed.

Social Media seems to be the future of marketing in 2013.


Since the beginning of search engines it has been important to rank high. It’s not quite about dropping a few keywords on your website anymore, I spoke with an SEO Northampton provider and they told me what they think matters in 2013:

  1. Backlink Profiles
  2. Great content
  3. Keyword optimisation

There was many other points that I will probably put into other posts, these were the main 3.

Guest Posts

This could be classed by some as part of the SEO process, but I think of it as a whole new way of driving traffic in itself. As well as building links to your website, you’re also providing fantastic value to another community in your niche and most likely driving visitors back to your website.

And that’s it for the top 3 recommended…

Other traffic sources that came up are:

  • CPV
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Adwords / Search PPC
  • and many many many many many more…

If you found this post useful, please leave a comment below.


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Hello world!

September 16th, 2013 — 2:04pm

I decided it would be cool to keep the original post title, after all this is my first post, therefore the perfect place to simply say Hello World!

I’m feeling slightly…


With launching this new blog. I must admit, I’m not the best blogger in the world, nor the most dedicated, so don’t come here expecting daily posts or anything fancy. What I can guarantee though is very useful posts on how to make more money from being a webmaster. Something I’m good at.

I’m not going to add any adsense or other ads to the website, but I am considering adding a newsletter in the future. In the newsletter I can let you know when new blog posts are live and other subscriber only goodies. We’ll see, for now I’ve got to write some content for this blog!

*Turning up my music for working*


I’ve got a client to go deal with (yes I manage websites and do SEO for others including myself!).

I’ll get another post up later, talk soon.



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